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February 2020

We have submitted an application to the Erasmus+ Programme 2020 Key Action 101 to enable a number of teachers to visit Spain for staff development and our application has been approved for funding.  The project will enable us to improve the Spanish language competence of staff and also the quality of learning for our pupils.  We are also developing our links with our partner school in Spain and will take part in a number of online activities.  


To support our global and international learning 2019-2020, EYFS have joined the 'Learning through Landscapes' website.  They are taking part in their Global Homes activities.  

This is a very practical approach to enable pupils to reflect upon how the physical environment influences land use including the types of settlement that people occupy. Across the globe people live in a whole range of homes which are appropriate to their particular environmental conditions, wealth and local resources. These activities can therefore also lead to discussions on climate change, sustainability and equity.

This year, Y4 and Y6 will be working with our partner school in Spain (The United States College of Madrid) to improve our Spanish vocabulary and learning through a variety of eTwinning projects.  

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be lucky enough to have a parent volunteer come to our Spanish lessons.  She will work with small groups and have conversations with the children in Spanish to see what they know/understand. It will include hello/how are you/age/brothers/sisters etc.

On Thursday 6th June 2019, we had a wonderful International Day which began with a true celebration of our multicultural community. Children from Nursery to Y6 participated in our International Day assembly: we had children singing in Polish, Greek and Russian; we had children displaying their Karate skills; Spanish children dancing the Macarena; Irish dancing; and a group of children performing a Bollywood routine! Thank you to all the parents who supported the event.  Thank you also to the parents and volunteers who worked with the children throughout the whole day, where the children enjoyed Polish, Japanese and Indian arts and crafts.  


In the month of June, the school will be learning about Cyprus and Greek phrases!  Watch our video below to learn some of the language!

In the month of May, the school will be learning about Spain and Spanish phrases!  Watch our video below to learn some of the language!

In the month of April, the school will be learning about France and French phrases!  Watch our video below to learn some of the language!

In the month of March, the school will be learning about Albania and Albanian phrases!  Watch our video below to learn some of the language!

In the month of February, the school will be learning about Japan and Japanese phrases!  Watch our video below to learn some of the language!

In the month of January, the school will be learning about Germany and German phrases!  Watch our video below to learn some of the language!


On Wednesday, the children in Y1-Y6 had a wonderful time making African clay masks in the hall in celebration of Black History Month.



Here are the International Projects that OLOL are involved with this year.  Year 2 are linking with a school in Greece who suffered during the wildfires in Mati, Year 5 are practising their Spanish and ICT skills with a variety of schools and Year 4 designed Christmas cards that will be sent to a variety of schools around Europe!

English Friends


Christmas around Europe

We celebrated our International Afternoon on Wednesday. It was really wonderful to see so many children come to school in their traditional costumes or wearing the colours of the national flag. Throughout the day, the children learnt about other countries and the celebration continued in the school hall at the end of the day. The number of countries represented in the hall and the variety of food being sampled was very impressive! The event truly celebrated our school community and a huge thank you must be given to all the parents/carers who made the afternoon possible.


Through the British Council Connecting Classrooms Project, Our Lady of Lourdes is linked to Akrofuom Catholic Primary School in Ghana.

The project allows teachers from both schools to visit each other and share teaching and educational experiences. In October 2014, we had our third visit and Francis Awusi (Headteacher) joined us for a week. During his time in London, he visited all the classes and the children had the opportunity to learn about life in Ghana and how a school day for a child in Francis' school compares to ours. In 2015 we reciprocated the visit by sending two of our teachers to Ghana.

This year in 2016, our Year 3 class took part in a campaign to raise awareness of the needs of producers in developing countries. Using information from our partner school, the children wrote letters to convince people of the good reasons to buy and sell Fairtrade products.



Over the course of the year 2016 we’ve formed a new language based project with our partner school from Spain (CEIP Sant Rafael). This project has provided our children with an opportunity to practise and improve their skills in foreign languages.